Alt Milk

British Cold-Pressed Organic Alternative Milk

Redefining dairy-free industry standards through honesty, quality and simplicity.

Typical Nut Milk

Typical offerings on the shelf contain as little as 1.5% almonds; using stabilizers, chemicals and sugar to compensate for taste and extend shelf life.


Alt Milk

Alt Milk stands behind a luxurious 20% dairy-free blend. Our signature cold-pressed process and use of organic ingredients ensure an honest product - packed to the brim with vitamins, minerals, and heart healthy fats.

Almond Alt Milk

Our signature organic almond milk recipe contains just 5 highly nutritional ingredients - organic almonds, organic dates, vanilla, filtered water and a little himalayan salt. Almonds are a known powerhouse - rich in protein, calcium, monosaturated fats to prevent heart disease, manganese to support strong bones and skin-boosting Vitamin E.

Cashew Alt Milk

Our signature organic cashew milk recipe contains simple ingredients - organic cashews, organic dates, cinnamon, filtered water and a touch of himalayan salt. Cashews pack a punch - they’re filled with amino acid tryptophan which increases seratonin levels (hello happiness!) along with protein, magnesium, and anti-inflammatory fats.

Our dairy-free range will quickly expand to encompass other delicious alternative milk options.

Use Alt Milk daily, frothed in your morning coffee, blended in your protein shakes & as a delicious alternative for cooking.